PlayStation Network: More Attacks Coming This Week End (IRC rumors)

CNET reports that hackers are preparing for a new wave of attacks against the PlayStation Network as early as this week-end. The information is said to be coming from an IRC user (Internet relay chat). According to the IRC chatter, hackers claim to have present access to Sony’s network, despite the recent effort to plug the security holes.

You can be sure that Sony, and the FBI are preparing themselves to track the hackers, currently suspected of belonging to a group called Anonymous. That said, the Anonymous group denies having anything to do with the matter.

At the moment, it’s hard to tell if the hackers can indeed penetrate the new security that Sony has been beefing up. A security expert has recently told a government panel that Sony’s computer security was lax, or non-existent (firewalls). Sony has not issued a comment on the matter, but things are getting very difficult, and users are getting very frustrated. We’ve seen this in the comments on this site.

Now, Sony is probably scrambling all its computer security team and anxiously wait and monitor network activity…


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