Razer Goliathus mouse mat ready to rock your gaming world

Avid gamers take their hardware seriously, so it is no surprise to see the name Razer come up with the Razer Goliathus mouse mat, where it was specially redesigned and reinforced so that your soft mouse mat swiping experience will be able to handle even the most hardcore movements without breaking a sweat. It will maintain the long admired speed-enhancing and control-precise features, letting you maximize your gaming skills to a point where you no longer have any more excuse apart from your lack of practice or carelessness when you lose the next match.

The Razer Goliathus mouse mat will come with a dense, anti-fraying and long-lasting stitched frame, helping your mouse mat remain sharp throughout your playing days for a more consistent performance during tournament.

This control edition gaming-grade mouse mat will turn your mouse’s precision level up by a notch, since it will be matched to the mat’s specially textured weave that is capable of registering even the smallest of movements. Hmm, time to control that involuntary twitch in your hand, aye? Razer did not say this out loud, but it makes perfect sense to complement the Razer Goliathus mouse mat with a Razer gaming mouse of your own if you haven’t done so already. Available in different versions, you can get the Razer Goliathus mouse mat in the form of the Omega, Standard, Alpha and Extended for $14.99, $19.99, $24.99 and $34.99, respectively later this May. [Press Release]

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