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The BlackBerry PlayBook has been out for awhile now, and we seem to be hearing more and more rumors about the tablet being a flop, with high return rates and underwhelming sales. However, we’ve also heard reports about the PlayBook selling as predicted and even doing better than retailers thought it would.

In the meantime, RIM has been adamant about the tablet not being a flop, dismissing negative reports as anonymous complaints, and so on. The company plans to reveal everything in their business update on the BlackBerry PlayBook, next month on June 16th. So until we get the official numbers from RIM, the verdict about how well the PlayBook is doing is still up in the air.

As we mentioned in our PlayBook review; it is a good device that has great hardware but it falls short of a home run due to the lack of apps available. Let’s hope RIM sorts out that issue as soon as possible. What do you guys think of the PlayBook so far? Have you tried using one or purchasing one for yourself?

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