Cyclists in urban areas do have one worry – that someone would actually go all out and steal their ride. For some, it is their only means of transport, so to invest in a good locking system is essential if you do not want the untoward to happen. The Senza lock intends to make life more convenient for you by doubling up as your bicycle’s handlebar. Yes, you read that right – Savannah College of Art and Design student Jaryn Miller was directed to come up with a design for the problem of bike theft, and as a result, he figured out that incorporating the handlebar as the lock is the perfect idea – one can vandalize the lock to steal the bike, but won’t be able to ride it away since that would mean spoiling your handlebar as well. 


Apart from that, to have a 2-in-1 solution makes perfect sense as folks prefer to carry as few things as possible these days. This explains the plethora of convergence devices that are in the market especially where consumer electronics are concerned, so the Senza lock is just the thing you might want to own if you’re considering your next bicycle purchase.

This remains a concept for now, but as Miller is about to graduate in the near future, who knows whether a bicycle company might just employ him and make his idea for a revolutionary lock something real and tangible?

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