The Internet is also known as the information superhighway, so it is no surprise that even a virtual highway can get clogged up with traffic so to speak – especially when a major news event breaks without any advance warning being sent to network administrators to anticipate such a load. For instance, Michael Jackson’s death a couple of years back proved to be a watershed moment, and more recently, the death of the FBI’s most wanted fugitive was another example. Thanks to smartphones, news sites are able to better cope with the explosion of interest where such news is concerned – so far Keynote Systems, a company that monitors the performance of websites during increases in traffic, claims that around 60% of major news sites coped without problems, leaving the remainder to suffer from outages. The thing that prevented such outages? A balanced spread of load thanks to the timing of the news, while smartphones with their always-on Internet connection helped folks access mobile sites instead of sitting in front of a computer. 


This proves that mobile sites are always a good idea for companies, as it reduces the total amount of data a visitor needs to read a particular story, resulting in a lowered demand on the site.

Ubergizmo has a mobile version of our site, so accessing it over a smartphone device would automatically see the latest and juiciest gadgets news being formatted specially for a smaller screen.

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