The name Sohaib Athar might not ring a bell for some, but for those who are in the know, he is the person who live tweeted the raid on Osama bin Laden by accident, and it has been confirmed that his account has been hacked. Known as @ReallyVirtual on Twitter, Sohaib claims through his blog that his Twitter had been infected with malware, where the poorly detected malware relied on a “blackhole exploit kit” to serve the malware.

Those who go to the page would also run into the possibility of loading content from the malicious URL, where the Blackhole Exploit Kit will then attempt to make use of several exploits to automatically install malware on the computer. 

The malware would follow up by hiding all the files and folders in the user’s hard drive and desktop, offering to restore them at an asking price of $79.50 which is no small change by the way. Talk about the risks of becoming famous overnight!

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