Sony has just announced that they have been working on a new kind of integrated Augmented Reality (AR) technology that is known as Smart AR. What does Smart AR bring to the table? Well, whenever one captures visuals via a camera on a device like a smartphone, the technology will let extra information be displayed on the device’s screen, ranging from virtual objects to images and texts which are invisible if one were to rely on visual perception alone. The technology will make use of the markerless approach, where it will do away with any prior special requirements for special markers, including 2D barcodes. The object that is captured by the camera will be recognized in a jiffy, where it can also be tracked at a high-speed thanks to the camera’s movement.

All information will be displayed over the 3D space in front of you, and this is another leap for the AR technology movement which has seen advances in the areas of advertisements, promotions, games, and information searches. The information that you see can even be navigated – through touching the AR information on the smartphone screen (or an equivalent device), letting you experience an intuitive and seamless user interface. This will take some getting used to for sure, but it won’t be that commonplace just yet since it has yet to gain a wide level of acceptance among the masses to date. Perhaps the video below would do a better job of explaining how it works.

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