Mouse 1.1

Sometimes when working on a new product, you can’t decide on what to create, and everybody involved in the project seems to have their own opinion about things. What do you do in these situations? You get the help of a third-party of course, and in this case – the people who the product was designed for – gamers. While the reason SteelSeries chose to crowdsource the design of their next mouse might not be due to internal issues, they decided to do it anyway and after weeks of voting, they’ve come up with the first-ever, community chosen gaming mouse design.

The mouse which will be released later this year will feature a design that features three colors – black, orange and gray. It will feature an orange illuminated scroll wheel, and a double-braided orange/black nylon cord. It will have a blacktop/gripping surface, while its body will be gray in color. Features of the mouse will be announced later this year, but so far it does look pretty sexy. Stay tuned for more details on what the outcome of the SteelSeries Designed by Gamers: Mouse1.1 campaign will turn out to be like. How many of you took part in the voting process, and does the rendered image represent how you thought the mouse would end up?

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