Walls have ears, so does that mean that envelopes have mouths? Perhaps so when you take the Talking Recordable Envelopes into consideration. These are special envelopes that will enable you to record a message or a song, up to 10 seconds in total. These will be played whenever you open up the flap, and the batteries inside will be able to last for up to 300 times or so before it calls it a day.


You will be able to choose from a couple of sizes where the Talking Recordable Envelopes are concerned, and if you like, you can re-record it. Of course, there is the danger of certain folks who don’t see the point of an envelope opener – they would very much prefer to tear through the envelope to get to the card itself, woe to you then if that happens with your recipient as it would be too late to put it all together again. While the idea of a Talking Recordable Envelope is commendable, cramming in electronics instead of into the card might just see some mishaps happen along the way. 

Good thing they aer made from a thick paper stock with an aqueous coating, so that might discourage most but the diehards from ripping it apart almost immediately. The 5×7-inch version retails for $4.75 a-piece, while the 6×8-inch is slightly more expensive at $4.95. Any takers?

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