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The All New Nook

all new nookCompetition in the ebook reader space just gets hotter and hotter. As expected, Barnes and Noble announced this morning an inexpensive monochrome touchscreen ebook reader tablet, the All-New Nook, “The Simple Touch Reader.” Priced at $139, the Nook Touch matches the lowest-priced ad-free Amazon Kindle 3 and features a similar 6-inch touchscreen, but is 10 percent squatter and features a two-month battery, more than twice as long than the Kindle 3, according to B&N. It will go on sale June 10, but can be pre-ordered now.

The All-New Nook also offers many of the lending features available on the Nook Color, and includes Wi-Fi. It also eliminates up to 80 percent of the often annoying page turn flashing, probably thanks to a new e-Paper graphics controller.

Nook Touch is the third inexpensive touchscreen ebook reader. Yesterday, Kobo announced it’s own lower-priced touchscreen ebook reader, the Kobo eReader Touch Edition, which undercuts both Kindle and the Nook Touch at $129.99, while it’s first generation Kobo Wi-Fi drops to $99.99, $20 less than Amazon’s ad-supported Kindle.  We’ll have a hands-on look at the All-New Nook later today. Update: read my First impressions of the New Nook

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