Twitter announces new email notification features

At the moment, Twitter users can only receive email notifications when they get a new follower or a direct message. If users wanted email notifications for other events such being reteweeted or favorited, they would have to resort to a third party client. Well it looks like Twitter is attempting to get rid of third party Twitter clients by implementing those features in its own service. Twitter has just announced in a Tweet that it will be implementing email notifications for favorites and retweets.

It was already made known that Twitter would rather have users on its official client or website when they announced that developers shouldn’t be making anymore new Twitter clients that may confuse new users. A few weeks ago, Twitter was even reported to have purchased TweetDeck, one of the most popular Twitter clients around, for a cool $50 million (though there has been no official statement about the deal until now).

It sure looks like Twitter isn’t fond of having any competition in the Twittersphere. If things continue the way they are right now, the official Twitter client and website will soon have all the features present in other apps, and more people will probably end up migrating to the official service. What do you think?

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