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Uno III three-wheeled bike right out of Transformers movie

uno 3For those of you who gain your thrills from travelling around on two wheels at breakneck speeds, then chances are you would have a beast of a motorbike in your garage. How about trying something out different with the Uno III? This is a three-wheeled bike that can convert wherever you are, Transformers style, popping up a third wheel to surprise and impress onlookers.

Powered by electricity, the Uno III can be ridden like a Segway with a couple of its wheels alongside a balancing gyroscope. The moment you achieve a pre-determined speed, however, a third wheel will slide out from between the other two as the first two wheels will move towards the back, transforming it into a trike so that it becomes more stable at higher speeds.

According to BPG, the Uno III is more or less turning out to be a commercial product in due time, where they fully intend to begin production from next year onwards. Now if only it came with Tron-like wheels, now that would be a cool addition.

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