Unofficially updated Windows Phone 7 devices wont receive latest updateIt looks like Microsoft wasn’t bluffing when they said using the Chevron WP7 updater to update your Windows Phone 7 devices would prevent your phone from receiving future updates. Microsoft has just confirmed that the security update (7392) that was pushed out yesterday won’t be able to be downloaded through the Zune client by unofficially updated phones. While not being able to get the minor security update isn’t a big deal, when the next major update arrives, you’ll be left in the dust as well.

So for now, the only solution would be to reset your phone back to its original state and perform the whole update process again – or pray for someone to come up with an unofficial way to update the phone and hope that Microsoft doesn’t shut it down. The Chevron WP7 team is working on an unofficial tool to get you back on the right path without any drastic measures like a factory reset (they were the ones who provided the unofficial method of update in the first place) so stay tuned for that

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