Medco PharmacyGreat news to the nearly 65 million Medco members in America – Verizon and Medco Health Solutions have teamed up to take their first major step into the mobile healthcare arena. The companies have just announced the release of the Medco Pharmacy app today – the only mobile app on the market that offers real-time patient-specific drug safety and savings information. For the folks who are always on the go and can’t rely on going back to the same doctor for their drug prescriptions, the Medco Pharmacy app could be a lifesaver.

In addition to letting patients know what they need by tapping into their Medco profile, it can save them money by giving them the price of the drugs and save their lives by informing them about dangerous drug interactions. Whenever a patient enters a new prescription, the app runs a safety check to make sure there will be no complications when using the drug. If there is a potential interaction, the app informs the user to raise the issue with the pharmacist and the doctor.

Medco Pharmacy is available now free for Medco members on the BlackBerry App World and Android Market.

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