Fancy getting your hands on a new trophy wife now that your marriage is on the rocks? We say nay – go look for a counsellor and work things out like a man. As for the trophy itch, you can always look for a less complicated solution in the form of the HTC Trophy from Verizon Wireless. After all, the mobile carrier has just showed off its first press shots of the smartphone from a range of angles, and we do know that this handset will run on Windows Phone 7.


Whispers on the ground point towards a May 12th date, but it remains to be seen whether that is the launch date or shipping date. Powered by the NoDo update, you can just take your time and admire the HTC Trophy above while you wait for the real deal to hit the markets. 

If you are out shopping for a new handset and have not much idea on which model or make to purchase, why not go through some of our reviews before making a purchase decision? After all, a smartphone is something that will stick with you for at least a year or two before the upgrade itch hits you again, so choose wisely.

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