VideoZoom10x payload turns the Aeryon Scout into an awesome spycopter

Aeryon ScoutGone are the days when you can easily tell if anybody’s watching you from a distance or not. The folks over at Aeryon Labs have built a spy camera designed to be attached to their lightweight quadrocopter, the Aeryon Scout.

Called the VideoZoom10x, this add-on to the Aeryon Scout turns the quadrocopter into a nightmare for people who are hiding out or on the run. Well how powerful is this camera? How does being able to look at something from 300m away sound to you?
The VideoZoom10x is packed to the brim with features to make spying a simple affair. With image stabilization features that keep the image non-vomit-inducing while the Aeryon Scout is on the move, to simple one-touch controls to direct the camera to what you want to look at, pretty much anybody can make it work.

Combined with the Aeryon Scout’s touchscreen-based control interface, you have one easy to man UAV with an eagle eye tacked on to make following a target as easy as tracing your finger on a screen. No word on pricing, but you can head over to Aeryon Labs’ website to request for a quote. Watch a video of the VideoZoom10x on the Aeryon Scout in action:

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