Windows 8 App Store almost in the fleshThere were rumors in the past concerning a Windows 8 app store, and it has since been proven to be the real deal today after a code check was run, resulting in numerous references. In some ways similar to the Mac App Store that some say that it clones, one will notice that the shop itself comes with ratings, reviews and developer feedback – at least according to Windows8Italia (who provided the image above as well).

Microsoft fully intends to have a solitary download on Windows Phone 7 and Xbox 360 to carry over, hence making it a whole lot more unique and letting users obtain the trial version of an app and unlocking it instead of going through the more tedious route of a forced second download.

Developers will need to throw in the standard set of descriptions, screen captures, and system requirements so that the user has a better idea of what he/she is getting into before downloading, and to differentiate itself from the rest, the Windows 8 app store will require applications to inform users of the kind of hardware specifications that are required before the app can run, for example, a GPS receiver or a webcam.

In the mean time, the lawsuit over the term “App Store” rages on…

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