Acer is right behind HP when it comes to PC manufacturing, and they will also jump aboard the Intel Ultrabook bandwagon – which is an extremely light computer model sometime in the fourth quarter of the year. Acer’s president claims that devices like tablets and smartphones are also lucrative for the company’s bottom line, comprising of up to 33% of their revenue by the time 2015 rolls around.

New president Jim Wong who took over the top mantle position last month, will be looking into the Ultrabook line to boost their coffers in due time. After all, who would not want a slim machine that has high performance processors inside? Intel hopes that Ultrabooks will comprise of 40% of laptop sales to consumers before the year is over, which is quite optimistic when you think about it. 

It is hoped that the Ultrabook will be a natural evolution of the notebook and netboko market, after all, they have had Apple lead the way of sorts via the MacBook Air, although enthusiasts might claim that the MacBook Air lacks the relevant processing muscle to get things done. Would you wait and see whether the Ultrabook line will be able to launch successfully, or will it just peter out?

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