ARRIS paves the way with 4.5Gbps cable technologyARRIS intends to usher in even higher Internet connection speeds to your home with their 4.6Gbps cable technology, where it will definitely blow current fiber optic networks out of the water with its sheer speed. Of course, this is only on paper considering it remains as a proof-of-concept test, so that does not mean it is going to be economically viable on a large scale – similar case with other kinds of modern technology that send shivers down your spine, since those are still a long way off from being efficient, economically and otherwise.

ARRIS is working on achieving 4.5GBps down/575MBps down speeds through the allotment of more DOCSIS cable channels for broadband, which comprise of 128 downstream and 24 upstream if you want to be specific, where they will all work in tandem so that such unprecedented speeds can be achieved.

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