Have you ever tried ordering a product on your iPhone, but then the pain of having to type out your credit card details on the tiny keyboard just put you off completely? If you happen to be one of those people then fret not because it looks like Card.io has the solution for you, and for those who don’t mind typing out their credit card details on the tiny onscreen keyboard, this will just be an added convenience for you.

Card.io has just released an SDK aimed for iOS devices first, although if it’s successful, we don’t see why it won’t be ported over to other platforms like Android or Windows. What Card.io had in mind was that instead of having to manually type out all your credit card information, like name, expiry date, bank, etc, you can just use the camera on your iPhone to “show” your credit card, at which point all the relevant details of your credit card will be filled out, so no typing at all! This would make purchasing of tickets, hotel rooms, etc a much more quicker process.

The Card.io system is said to be secure and that credit information will not be stored and that all data will be encrypted. It’s a pretty interesting concept and we can’t wait to see how many apps will start adopting its use.

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