China blocks Google+Now ain’t that fast – China has moved to block Google+ just a day into its limited release, yet again highlighting the country’s strict censorship practices. Just this year alone, we have seen the Arab Spring occur all over the Middle East, with social media like Facebook and Twitter being utilized to denounce authoritarian regimes as well as their repression of the population. Protests were organized by the Egyptians and Tunisians via Facebook and Twitter, while in Libya, Yemen, Syria and Bahrain, social media proved to be a useful tool in orchestrating political uprisings and denouncing the use of violence by the security forces.

The Chinese authorities seem to fear the potential consequences of enabling new social media to be used across a wide scale, which means banning citizens from accessing Google’s Google+ social network – that’s what watchdog sites JustPing and reported.

Google has yet to make a response to China’s action, but you can be sure that the Internet search giant is not going to take this lying down, as they have had some spats with the Chinese government in the past. Apart from Google+, China has also blocked Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Foursquare. We want to see how the entire situation is going to pan out…

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