The thing about fitting your house with stylish lights and lamps is that while they do provide a stylish look and illumination to your house they are generally expensive in terms of how much power they actually consume. A regular light that would be able to illuminate an entire room probably consumes at least three times less electricity than a down light fixture, which while adding class, probably adds on to your electricity bill too.This Chinese ivory ceramic jar on the other hand is kind of an artsy looking lamp and while you probably will not be relying on it to illuminate your rooms, it does add a touch of design to your home and the good news is that it’s solar powered, as you can tell from the solar panels on top. Unlike other jars this one is actually¬†carved out of authentic Chinese ivory (I’m assuming the ivory they’re referring to is probably the color, not the tusks of elephants) ceramic, which evens out the light distribution and gives it a rather elegant look.

At full charge the jar will be able to keep the lights going for up to eight hours and thanks to the flower cutouts in the jar, it should be producing some pretty interesting effects. Thanks to the red, blue and green LEDs inside, the jar will also be able to display multicolored lights as well. For $18.64 it is quite worth it not to mention how much in electricity it could potentially save you. My only problem with this is the solar panel being so exposed and I wish it came with a cover that could cover the solar panel while the jar is in use, giving it a more unified and consistent look.

If you’re hoping to see more photos of it in action just head on down to DesignBuzz’s website and Chinavasion’s website if you want to place an order.

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