DroidDream Light malware gives the Android Market bootThe advent of computers have also opened up a door to the world of viruses and malware, and the disturbing trend has also spread over to smartphones with a bunch of malware-encumbered applications making their way to the Android Market earlier this year. Good thing Google managed to deploy its kill switch before there was widespread damage, but it has not stopped the bad guys, so to speak, with a new variant of the same malware surfacing recently, where it was identified by security researchers over the weekend. Google, in their typical gung-ho manner, has also responded accordingly and swiftly by giving the DroidDream Light malware a quick boot in the butt to get out of the Android Market.

Props to Lookout, a mobile security company, for discovering (or should we say, rediscovering?) the malware. Additional details include stumbling over nearly 30 infected applications across half a dozen separate developer accounts, where several of these infected applications were existing third-party programs which the attacker copied, repackaging them with the malware after that.

While the new malware had a similar code base with the one in March earlier this year, this time around it is simpler with several limitations to make it potentially less dangerous. Just be careful on your side before you download anything unofficial, mmmkay?

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