Despite a lack of concrete technical specs, the Wii U is widely known to be at least as powerful as the PS3 and Xbox 360, and possibly even 50% more powerful than those five to six-year-old consoles. While the feeling from everybody at E3 was that the Wii U impressed, EA Game’s Frank Gibeau seems to be pouring utter love for it. In an interview with GamesIndustry (membership required), Gibeau said his company was “really blown away by the unique innovation that Nintendo brings with the Wii U controller on a high performance machine.”

Without going into any specific details Gibeau says that EA Games has had Wii U development kits for some time and are working hard to bring its franchises to the new console. Might we see a little Battlefield 3 with Wii U controller optimized controls?

As the number one third-party video game publisher in the world, it’s important that EA Games be prepared for new consoles with a strong selection of titles. Where some developers are wary of Nintendo’s attempt to return to the core gamer, EA’s taking no chances and embracing the Wii U. Sounds like a smart move.

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