When it comes to computer cooling systems, fans are probably the least exciting in terms of looks. Some are perhaps more eye-catching due to their size or the colorful LED lights that they emit. Liquid cooling systems on the other hand, are probably a sight to behold, or at the very least will prove to be more exciting than a cooling fan. Well, how about Enermax’s latest offering with their USB Rubber Vegas (U.R. Vegas) cooling fans? The fact that it is operating outside of the CPU should prove to be a rather uncommon sight to behold.


Using magnets, the fans will stick onto your steel computer casing, which means those of you who are using plastic/aluminium casings are out of luck. The magnets will allow you to easily attach or detach the fans, moving them anywhere along the case as you like. The fans measure 12cm and are USB powered, and also includes 18 red or blue LEDs, with the LED colors corresponding to the skin pad and blade of the fans that you have chosen.

It’s probably a marketing gimmick, but for those who just love eye candy, Enermax has stated that the light emitted from the LEDs are supposed to be four times brighter than any other fan in the market, and you can switch between seven different lighting effects. As for the more important details regarding cooling and noise, the fans will be able to push 52.51CFM, spin at 1250RPM, and are rated at 21dBA. They will be available some time end of the month and will retail for $20.

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