Fujitsu TH40/D tablet delayedWe brought you news last month that the Fujitsu TH40/D tablet will be arriving sometime in Q3 this year, but it seems that another delay is on the cards. According to Fujitsu, the convertible TH40/D tablet that will be powered by the Windows 7 operating system will experience a delay instead of the initial late June release date in the Land of the Rising Sun. All right, so we do know that said convertible tablet is not going to arrive anytime soon, but will there be any follow up – say, a future release date so that we can re-mark our calendars? Unfortunately, the answer is a resounding no, so we will just have to sit tight and wait for an official word from Fujitsu sometime down the road. 

According to Fujitsu, the delay is due to “development delays.” Yeah, that’s extremely vague and it could be attributed to many factors. Ah well, let us look at this delay in a positive light and hope that Fujitsu fully intends to release a 100% working version of the tablet instead of rushing it to the market gimped. [Translated Page]

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