Google Goggles 1.5 gets geolocation goodnessDo you use Google Goggles? It is rather smart when it comes to famous objects and items, but you can say that it hasn’t evolved to be the all-seeing Eye of Sauron just yet. Usage of Goggles varies from QR code reading purposes to translating labels when shopping in a foreign food store. Well, Google Goggles is now at version 1.5, bringing along with it a slew of new functions. Expect the latest set of changes to deliver a new language option, in addition to geolocation capability as well as a more useful OCR (Optical Character Recognition) function.

Google Goggles 1.5 will also “speak” Russian now – try pointing your smartphone’s camera at a Russian sign, and the software will immediately get to work, attempting to figure out what all that Cyrillic text is about, translate it and hopefully churn out something intelligible to you Anglophiles. Romanized Russian has been done in the past, but what makes this more special is, this is the first time Cyrillic characters are handled.

Google Goggles even saves copies of the images that you’ve analyzed in the past, and you get to view these selections that are overlaid on a map, letting you see where you took those images. Get Google Goggles 1.5 from the Android Market if you’re interested.

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