Set top boxes are dime a dozen, and Hauppauge has a spanking new device that allows you to view live TV remotely – never mind if you’re a Mac or Windows user, thanks to the Broadway box. All shows can be watched over a Wi-Fi connection – basically letting you have a pseudo-TV in just about any room, or even view it remotely over a Web browser. The Broadway box is said to come with a multi-format TV receiver which is capable of tuning in to clear QAM digital and ATSC over-the-air standard and high-definition channels.

Sounds familiar? That’s because the Slingbox also does the same thing, but Broadway does not have a “mobile device tax” that charges you extra in order to watch live TV on mobile devices. Basically, the Broadway box will hook up to an existing cable or satellite set-top box, alongside an 802.11g or better router to get the job done. 

You are able to control the device and change channels even remotely, while pausing the live stream during the more crucial moments (like popcorn being ready in the microwave and other items that require your attention). The unit ought to be out later this July or early August, where it will burn a $199 hole in your pockets.

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