HP TouchPad runs Flash video too

For folks who are worried about the HP TouchPad‘s performance when it comes to handling Flash, great news. At the Qualcomm conference this week, HP showed off its TouchPad demonstrating a Flash video which it can run out of the box, and performance seems to be pretty good. There was a bit of lag and jerkiness at the beginning but as the video continued, it became smoother. The HP TouchPad will be running on Qualcomm’s 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon APQ8060 processor – the chip manufacturer’s very first dual-core chip.

Judging by how the HP TouchPad can support Flash videos natively, without having to download any apps, it shows that HP is onboard with having Flash support, leaving the iPad as pretty much the only tablet available on the market that doesn’t support it. While a lot of companies have been pushing Flash support as an advantage a tablet has over an iPad – is it really an advantage? The web seems to be leaning towards modern and open technologies like HTML5 now, away from Adobe’s proprietary format, giving users less reasons to even want Flash support. But in due time we should find out whether Flash will still be around in the future.

Watch a video demonstration of the HP TouchPad running a Flash video:

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