The uncanny valley experience might not be all that common yet among humans, but if the pace of technological advancement continues and robots evolve to be better and better models, that experience might just end up as the norm. But I digress, we are here to look at the HRP-4C extol her abilities of singing and performing a dance routing over at this year’s Jisso Protec show that was sponsored by JARA, the Japan Robot Association.

The female android HRP-4C which was developed in collaboration between AIST, Kawada Industries, and Kokoro Co. Ltd., has been drawing the crowds over at Yamaha Motors’ booth thanks to her belting out a new song while shaking her mechanical booty. Yamaha has decided to throw in a Vocaloid synthesizer software which will let the HRP-4C discover her singing voice. 

Up in the next season of So You Think You Can Dance – we will have professional street dances who love robot dances go up head to head against the HRP-4C’s latest iteration – no prizes for guessing whether man or machine are able to perform the superior robot dance.

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