iPhone controls billboard in Sweden nowAdvertising is clearly an industry which has matured to a level where it will now need to incorporate technology if it were to do even better. Folks in Sweden are able to “enjoy” a new form of advertising – with McDonald’s leading the trend, of course. What you are supposed to do would be to use your iPhone and play digital Pong on a large billboard, and if you managed to fend off the billboard’s attacks for a good half minute without surrendering your position, you will be on the receiving end of a coupon which can be exchanged for something to fill up your rumbling stomach with at the house of M.

Even better is you need not download an app before you get started, where all you need to do is enter a URL right in your handset’s browser, while the GPS capability will confirm that you are within vicinity of said billboard.

Looks like the iPhone can now feed you, and we do wonder whether there is a certain limit of coupons that can be won per person, per day. If you happen to be in Sweden, why not give the homeless something to eat by winning a coupon?

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