Jazari makes a one man band a snapCheck out the video in the extended post to see the Jazari in action, where the creator relied on a Wiimote as well as a custom Arduino controller that was specially built from arcade buttons, relying on a bunch of gestural sensors and springbok horns that will direct the percussion machines and vocal processing. It seems that gadget fans will definitely fall in love with the horn claw controller if reactions at liveperformances are anything to go by. I am quite sure that Nintendo would never have imagined in their wildest dreams from the beginning that their Wiimote could actually be “exploited” in such a manner, but at least it goes to show just how brilliant and ingenious the human mind is when it comes to manipulating a particular system or environment to get a totally different reaction.  Apart from the Wiimote, there is also another connection between the Jazari and thebroader tech world involved in the video below, which is a custom vocal processingsoftware that might just help the next musician get his/her big break.

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