Kapok iPhone 4 caseYou have managed to work hard all these months, scrounging every single penny that you can find so that you are finally able to keep up with the Joneses – that is, purchasing a brand new iPhone 4 to go along with your yuppie status. Well, Canopy knows what a lucrative market the third party accessory niche is, and they have decided to roll out the Kapok case for the iPhone 4 which offers your iPhone 4 added protection against knocks and bumps, while making sure you maximize the use of your iPhone’s camera.

Why so, you ask? Well, there is a built-in metal insert that delivers enough rigidity for an integrated tripod mount. Being made out of a plastic core with soft touch coating, it will also boast dual, two-stage buttons that are capable of performing functions based on the particular application. For example, if you have a camera tools application from iTunes, you can control the camera’s functions in a similar manner to a point and shoot. Apart from that, there is also a mini-USB input port for sync + charge alongside a mini-USB to USB cable.

Choose from 5 different colors at $69.95 a pop – what’s your take on this?

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