Kinect hack might be used in intelligent healing massage?Love all things Kinect, as well as the many hacks that follow the device to make it a worthy rival to the Nintendo Wiimote when it comes to filling non-gaming needs? That is what this latest Kinect hack might result in, targeting massage therapists who intend to help their clients connect to their “energy fields,” or perhaps for those who want a winding down massage after a particularly long hard day of work. Either way, the Flow Field 2 is here to help, thanks to New York University grad student Jason Stephens.

Jason has merged the use of a video projector, Kinect, and OpenKinect Libraries programming tools that will follow the massage therapist’s “flow field” (aka movements), where it will beam all output onto the client’s body, resulting in a sea of colors that will soothe the senses. 

The project is known as the Intelligent Healing Spaces, where the actual therapeutic value of such a hack remains questionable at press time, you do have proponents for and against it. Never mind if it works even as a placebo, the massage therapist might just want this since it won’t be that boring anymore in a dark room.

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