Interactive advertising for Kinect coming your wayIn this day and age, there is just no running away from advertising – it is everywhere you look at. For those who play plenty of games and will most probably have the Kinect in your living room, then chances are pretty high you would soon be able to make full use of both voice and motion commands in order to interact with ads – while playing video games or viewing your favorite videos. The New York Times has revealed that Microsoft will roll out a new suite of advertising tools known as natural user interface ads (NUads). NUads intend to capture users’ attention unlike how traditional TV ads cannot, and will more or less feature on the Xbox 360 dashboard or come as embedded content in games.

There’s no running away from ads now, and you can’t just TiVo your video game experience by fast forwarding the ads bit. What you can do with Kinect, however, is to issue voice commands so that you can obtain additional information concerning products via email or text messages. Motion control can also be used to let you participate in votes concerning favorite brands and/or products.

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