Now we have said before and will continue to maintain our stance concerning LEGO bricks – what you can create is truly something that can only be achieved through the types and quantity of bricks, with your imagination at the heart for a truly inspiring design. Since there are gazillions of Star Wars fans out there, it makes perfect sense for someone to finally come up with the LEGO Sandcrawler – taking a good 10,000 pieces in the process to get the job done. This Jawa Sandcrawler from the Star Wars universe is the brainchild (and hard work) of LEGO wizard “Marshal Banana”, taking more than 9 months to get it done – you can literally say that this is his “baby”, now?

To make matters more interesting, the LEGO Sandcrawler is fully remote controllable, both within and without. You get lights as well as working treads to add a dash of realism, while the remote control will help you navigate through forwards and backwards with full steering, in addition to the ability of raising and lowering the front ramp, operating the craft’s crane and trning the interior conveyor belt on. Love how he added different colored bricks on the side to make it look all the more realistic.

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