Mac Defender evolves againWhen the Mac Defender malware first arrived on the block, it caused quite an uproar. When Apple announced that they would be fixing it, a new variation of it popped up, called Mac Guard and could install itself without users having to input their administrator password. Apple then released the OS X security update that solved the problem once and for all… or so we thought. The hackers behind the malware have now updated it to circumvent the new OS X security update and according to the timestamp, it was issued in less than 8 hours after the security update was released.

Talk about hardworking hackers – but it looks like the game of cat and mouse has finally begun for Macs vs malware. It looks like Apple will have to be on their toes from now on and release a lot more security and definition updates on a frequent basis to stay on top. But let’s hope that Apple finds a way to get rid of the malware once and for all. With the recent success of Mac Defender and its variants, you can expect hackers to come up with more ways to attack the operating system.

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