Do you have a hard time staying focused while you’re on the computer? Let’s say you have an assignment due tomorrow but you’ve only just started, and the lure of Facebook and YouTube is just too great to resist, which is why at 3am, you’ve only managed to write one paragraph. If that scenario sounds familiar then perhaps Macoscope’s Focusbar 1.0 application is just the app you need for your Mac computer.


Once installed, all you’ll have to do is launch the program, press “Start Activity”, enter the task that you’re supposed to be focused on, press enter, and you’re good to go! So how the app works is that from time to time, it will pop up and remind you that you’re supposed to be working on whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing. If you think that’s all there is to it, you’re wrong, because let’s say you really cannot resist checking Facebook, so you switch windows. Focusbar will then pop up every time you switch to a window that is not related to the task at hand, to remind you that you have a task that you’re supposed to focus on.

It sounds pretty handy although we’re not sure how effective it will be. Granted that focusing on the task at hand allows you to complete it faster, in the end it really just boils down to your own willpower and discipline. For $0.99 at the Mac App Store, it sounds like an inexpensive tool which you can use to help you focus on your work, so if you really need that extra push, why not give it a go?

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