The idea of nerve-stimulating migraine implants might result in the end of medication once and for all for 10% of the world’s population, but then again it is right now offering more hype than hope – much to the delight of pharmaceutical companies. So far, majority of the research in the nerve stimulation category has its focus on the occipital nerve, which is actually a spinal nerve that extends over majority of the back of the head.

Initial trials of this adjustable occipital nerve implant resulted in around 40% of patients having had their migraine frequency reduced by half, which is enough to merit further study, although it won’t phase out medication anytime soon, especially when one takes into consideration that 24% of patients experienced problems with lead migration and 14% of patients had infections at the site of the implants.

It remains to be seen whether leaps made in the neurostimulation scene will ever be a viable option for migraine patients, never mind that consumer demand is always there. Perhaps there are still several “keys” left that are required to unlock such a solution.

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