Nevada gives A OK for driverless carsNevada, the Silver State that plays host to Sin City, is proud to be on the record books for being the the first state in the US that has approved the use of driverless cars. Driverless cars sounds like something from the far flung future, but it is nearer to us than you think – after all, even Google has already been working on something like that to go around for some time already. Nevada state legislators passed a law that instructs the Nevada Department of Transportation to work out rules including safety standards, insurance requirements and testing sites.

So far, Google has already tested driverless cars in California, where they have chalked up around 140,000 miles sans drivers. The Nevada law defines permits cars which relies on artificial intelligence, sensors and GPS to drive without active the attention of a human operator.

Google isn’t alone in this endeavor – as Volkswagen too, has been hard at work on driverless cars. Guess in the end, Google’s quiet lobbying for the law in Nevada has borne fruit. I guess with that much faith in the autopilot mechanism on planes, getting by on the roads sans a driver should also be relatively safe – at least you know you won’t have a drunk driver behind the wheel.

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