It sure looks like the need for an anti-virus/malware app for Android phones is ever increasing. Lookout Mobile Security has just posted on their blog a new type of Android malware they’ve discovered recently. Dubbed GGTracker, this malicious app takes the form of an in-app advertisement instead of hiding out in the Android Market. When clicked, it will direct the user to a web page that looks like the Android Market.

The fake Android Market then gives you the option of installing “Battery Saver” or an adult “Sexy Pics” app. If you click install, the app then automatically signs you up for a random premium SMS service like “Find Your Jersey Shore Name” which you won’t notice until your next phone bill comes along. Be careful every time you’re installing an app that isn’t from a well known company. A simple Google search before you install it could save you quite a bit of trouble.

As a precaution – don’t install anything you don’t remember clicking; chances are it’s not an app that you want in the first place.

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