New Mac mini and Mac Pros to get Sandy Bridge?

Brian Tong has tweeted that his sources have informed him yesterday afternoon that there will be new Mac minis and redesigned Mac Pros which ought to arrive later next month or perhaps in early August. Just who is Brian Tong? Well, he is a CNET staff who has had been historically accurate so far with his posts, but it seems that his latest informants have shared about the use of Sandy Bridge-era Intel processors and Thunderbolt ports in the new generation Mac mini and Mac Pros. While August seems to be the more likely date, it really is open to speculation. Both machines will be shipping with Lion.

It has all not been confirmed yet, but it seems that his sources were the same ones behind the launch for the current-generation iMacs which actually came out sometime later this April or early May.

The Mac mini update is tipped to be rather conservative and will rely on notebook-optimized Core i3 or i5 chips, with the door wide open to include more storage and possibly more RAM inside. As for the Mac Pros, those are most likely the first major redesign of a professional desktop at Apple in 8 years. Time to start saving up, no?

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