When it comes to numbers and figures, you can’t really go wrong by stating them down clearly and in plain fashion in a chart. After all, that is a whole lot more effective than poring through a gaggle of words, trying to piece it together graphically in your mind. That’s what Verizon Wireless has done with their new range of data plans, which was leaked from the official training document (where else?). As expected, the smartphone plans will start from $30 monthly onwards, offering 2GB of data (which ought to be enough for light users who do nothing but check mail and surf the occasional mobile website), accompanied by a $10 charge for each extra GB you use. As for other plans, you can fork out $50 and $80 monthly for 5GB and 10GB, respectively.

As you know, there won’t be any more sign ups for unlimited plans, but for existing unlimited plan customers, fret not – it does seem as though you will be able to use it still, virtually forever. Will someone auction off their unlimited data plan in the future if that is possible? Who knows, right?

As for mobile hotspot access, it will cost $20 a month for 2GB worth of data – frankly, it doesn’t sound too enticing in our books.

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