Overclocked Nexus S benchmarks are simply mind blowingWhen it comes to benchmarks, it is prudent to look at them in a skeptical manner at first – after all, those are under controlled conditions and might not reflect what is happening in the real world. Well, one of the latest benchmarks involve Android Community forum member Simms22 who actually pushed his Nexus S to the limit – getting a little bit of help from Cyanogen Mod 7 of course, having overclocked the smartphone to a whopping 1.544GHz, while making sure that there are other tweaks out there to boot.

As for the results, they literally speak for themselves – we are looking at a score of 10,082 in Smartbench2011, and if you are wondering whether that is an achievement worth mentioning, the 1.2GHz dual-core Exynos that runs the Samsung Galaxy S II only managed to touch 3,053 – so the single-core Nexus S owned by Simms22 is the Millenium Falcon of the smartphone world at the moment.

Are you the type who would go to lengths in order to make sure you have one of the fastest performing smartphones around?

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