Nintendo Wii U to have 25GB game discsNintendo has shown off in-game footage of games that hailed from the Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms in their E3 presentation yesterday, so if you are to expect graphics of that level, then it makes perfect sense that regular DVDs just will not make the cut any more for the upcoming Wii U console. An interview between Kotaku with one of Nintendo’s chief game designers, Katsuya Eguchi, did confirmed that the console will use a new proprietary disc format that will hold up to 25GB of data.

Sounds like a Blu-ray equivalent, no? Well, initial reports before E3 happened did point towards Nintendo rolling out games that will be capable of filling up a single layer, 25GB Blu-ray disc without any problems. 

Eguchi has also declined to comment whether the new system will have 8GB of internal flash memory, and we do wonder just which flash memory manufacturer will be supplying Nintendo with their upcoming hardware requirements. Whispers also abound that the new console is capable of supporting external USB drives just in case you need additional storage space. Are you saving up for a Wii U already?

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