Nissan screws up LEAF electric car ordersElectric cars are cool, to say the least. They don’t emit any greenhouse gases, although filling it up might be more of a problem than the average driver would be comfortable with, as there aren’t that many charging points as compared to regular gas stations. Still, with efforts from Google to popularize the electric vehicle, it might still take some years before electric vehicles become truly mainstream. Nissan’s LEAF might have picked up bouquets from the general public, but at the moment, many potential buyers might be turned off with word that Nissan has cut off customers waiting lists, asking them to apply again – at least according to Alan Ohnsman of Bloomberg News.

This has naturally caused some of them to be real unhappy (that’s putting in mildly), since they view the delay as unreasonable since they might have to wait too long that they will no longer be able to obtain federal tax credits which they require to make the new car affordable.

According to Marc Fishman, a 42- year-old movie sound editor from Burbank, California, who saw his first order canceled, “My delivery date kept jumping around, from April to ‘pending’ to May to June to July.”

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