OLED globe measures 6 meters across, guaranteed to wow viewersIn this day and age, it sure takes a lot more to elicit a “Wow!” response from someone compared to the good old days. Well, Mitsubishi sure as heck knows how to throw a show and drop your jaws, what with their 6 meter OLED globe that has more than 10,000 tiny OLED panels plastered all over? Just check out the stunning video in the extended post which features footage from the Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo, sporting this OLED globe that is guaranteed to stop you in your tracks if you happen to see it in real life. 

The OLED globe is not static, where it will display constantly updated satellite images of our earth. Apart from that, there are also interactive “Geo-Scope” touchscreen panels that enable visitors to browse images and data that are collected worldwide. Apart from that, the OLED globe will also display a simulation of the earthquake and tsunami that happened on March 11th in Japan.

This new OLED model sports around 10 times greater resolution than average LED, sporting over 10 million pixels each. Are you impressed yet? We believe this would make for a great tactical viewing point of view for battlefield generals at war…

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