OnLive Player for tablets demonstrated at E3

If you always thought that iPad and Android tablets were only good for casual gaming and not blockbuster titles, OnLive is here to prove you wrong. OnLive has just unveiled its new app for the iPad and Android tablets that is touted to outperform the latest consoles when it comes to gaming.

The app, paired up with OnLive’s Universal Wireless Controller, allows users to play pretty every game available on the service to be played on the tablet. If the feature is available on the tablet, it can even be output to an HDTV, turning the tablet into the console while gamers get to play on their huge screens. Since the performance of OnLive’s gaming service isn’t dependent on the specs of your hardware, as long as you have a good internet connection, you’ll be able to enjoy any game you want.

The OnLive Player for iPad and Android is being showcased at E3 this week, and will be available on the devices later this year. You can also head over to the official OnLive website to watch a video demonstration.

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