OnLive in talks with Sony and Microsoft to get them onboard its gaming service?

If there’s one thing that OnLive has been missing so far, it’s a huge chunk of the gaming market: the console gamers. Users who already own an Xbox 360 or Play Station 3 don’t really see the need to pay for an additional service just to play games that they can already play on their consoles. But what if they were able to play Xbox 360- exclusive titles on their PS3s and vice-versa? Well, that’s what OnLive is trying to accomplish.

Apparently the folks at OnLive are in talks with Microsoft and Sony, to get them onboard with its game streaming service. If things go according to plan, we’ll see the service being accessible through a PS3/Xbox 360, and if we’re lucky – exclusive titles on competing consoles, just because they’re accessed through OnLive (there’s no need for developers to re-engineer a game just for a different console).

All you Xbox owners can finally enjoy games like God of War, while PS3 owners will get to experience the fun that is Halo on their consoles. Hopefully something good can come out of these “chats”. Stay tuned for more details.

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