Opera updates two Android mobile browsersOpera has not one, but two mobile browsers for Android-powered device owners to choose from, so it is nice to know that Opera decided to roll out upgrades for both – notching the version numbers to Opera Mini 6.1 and Opera Mobile 11.1. They are both ready for action over at the Android Market, with support for Google voice search thrown in alongside Google AutoComplete and Intelligent domain suggest. Those ought to make your search process faster, including when entering a URL, while providing alternative sites to check out just in case you were bored of flipping channels, deciding to surf random websites instead.

Opera Mobile 11.1 will throw in additional features that the company dubs “experimental support” for Adobe Flash on tablets running Android 3.x Honeycomb. Apart from that, expect to find support for HTML5, with the rendering engine given a bump to Opera Presto 2.8.149. 

To get a better idea on why there are two Opera browsers hanging around for the Android platform, Opera Mini will cater for slower handsets, relying on a remote server to download your site which is then (up to 90%) compressed and sent to your phone. As for Opera Mobile, this will obviously play nice with faster devices and renders the web page straight from your handset.

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